Small Business Accounting

Strategic Business Planning

Most small businesses needs strategic planning, which is a systematic way of creating a plan that includes translation of long term vision into objectives and a set of programs and projects to achieve them.

Small Business Solutions

CITI-WORX Solution

We identify short and long term goals, tailor a plan, develop and implement actionable strategies for achieving business success and personal success.

CFO/Controller Services

Financing & Working Capital

As an experienced and knowledgeable finance and consulting firm, we have the insights to help you conquer financial challenges and realize higher profits.

Business and Financial Consulting

Financial Consulting

We’re problem solvers with the financial insights to help your business phase out nonessential expenses and streamline business procedures.

Finance and Consulting for Small Businesses in Southern California

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CITI FYNANCE is a finance and business consulting firm located in southern California. We provide an affordable financial solution for small business owners.

As a business owner, you've grown your business, sold your products or services, and found new clients. It has been inspiring and rewarding, but you are working far too many hours without seeing the profits you deserve.

You know you could be doing better with more sales, cash flow and monitoring your finances, but you have too much to do and no one reliable to assist you. It's becoming more complicated than you ever imagined, and you're alone to make decisions that shape your entire future. What could you do to make more money, expand the business and sleep better at night?

You need to achieve more in less time. Enough with the frustration, confusion, and fear, it's time for a new strategy. You need CITI FYNANCE at your side.

We are the group with expert business knowledge and game-changing strategies. We provide the necessary financial oversight so that you can do what you do best, run your business. With us as your Financial Advisor, you'll learn to think differently about your business. You'll get small business consulting with a personalized approach for dramatically better results.

We'll help you take back control of your business with hard-hitting, down to earth guidance and help you overcome the many problems you face as a small business owner including managing your cash flow, securing financing, planning, marketing, problem-solving and developing business skills and knowledge.

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Better Business Bureau


Construction Accounting


Our list of specialized construction consulting services include job estimating, job costing, operational reviews, and much more.

Restaurant Accounting

Restaurants & Bars

We'll handle your financial statements, tip reporting, and budgeting, so you'll have more time to focus on your customers.

Retail Accounting


Maximize your cash flow, streamline procedures, and utilize tax planning strategies to retain more of your profits.

Auto Repair Accounting

Auto Repair

We'll deliver services specially designed for auto repair shops including inventory management and cash flow analysis.

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